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Nourizadeh,S, Kassmer S, Rodriguez D, Hiebert LS, and De Tomaso AW (2021) Whole body regeneration and developmental competition in two botryllid ascidians. EvoDevo 12:15

Rodriguez, D, Taketa DA, Madhu R, Kassmer S, Loerke D, Valentine MT, and De Tomaso AW (2021) Vascular aging in the invertebrate chordate, Botryllus schlosseri. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 8:626827

Kassmer SH, Langenbacher A, De Tomaso AW (2020) Integrin-alpha-six stem cells (ISCs) are responsible for whole body regeneration in an invertebrate chordate. Nature Communications 11:4435

Winkley KM, Kourakis MJ, DeTomaso AW, Smith WC (2020) Tunicate gastrulation Curr Top Dev Biol 136:219-242

Kassmer SH, Rodriguez D, De Tomaso AW. (2020) Evidence that ABC transporter-mediated autocrine export of an eicosanoid signaling molecule enhances germ cell chemotaxis in the colonial tunicate Botryllus schlosseri. Development 2020 Aug 7;147(15):dev184663

Rodriguez D, Braden BP, Boyer SW, Taketa DA, Setar L, Calhoun C, Maio AD, Langenbacher A, Valentine MT, and De Tomaso AW. (2017) In vivo manipulation of the extracellular matrix induces vascular regression in a basal chordate. Mol Biol. Cell. 28:1883-1893.

Nydam ML, Stephenson EE, Waldman CE, and De Tomaso AW. (2017) Balancing selection on allorecognition genes in the colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri. Dev Comp Immunol. 69:60-74.